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Since solutions are what we are all about, here are some helpful hints to keeping your life in order.


Be it a New year's resolution, spring cleaning or just because, organizing your space is always rewarding.
Make organizing less of a chore by tackling one area at a time. 


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Weeding out all the clothes in the closet you will never wear is as easy as 1-2-3. Although this can seem like a daunting task an organized closet will save you time in the long run.

1. Take everything out of your closet, working in sections if needed.

2. Put back the items that you wear, that fits, and that makes you look and feel good about yourself.  Organize your items as you return them to the closet so you can see what you have. Group like items together. Maintain this order each time you put your clothes away. This will keep your closet tidy and help prevent your things from getting damaged.  Adding an under-shelf storage basket gives you more space for small things such as shoe accessories, or scarves.  Insert On the Hook™ through the bottom of the basket and hang your boots that have been held together with strong clothes clips such as clever clips or tree boot clips.

3. If there is an item you can't quite decide if you are ready to part with, try this trick; put the item on a hangar and hang it with the hook coming back over the rod toward you instead of going over the rod away from you.  This will be a reminder of whether or not it has been worn.  Give yourself a time limit.  3 months, 6 months, a year, whatever you feel comfortable with.  When your pre-determined time has passed any garment on a backwards facing hanger needs to go. 

On the Hook™ works great in closets with wire shelf systems.  The hooks add space below shelves for hanging lightweight items such as scarves, belts or hats and heavy items such as boots, purses, bags and coats.  Even luggage can be stored On the Hook™.

Donate, sell, or recycle items no longer of use to you.

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A rollover of an organized closet by hanging boots On the Hook


Get the most of your wire shelf units in the kitchen.  Storing items above and below shelves can double your storage space.  Hang pots and pans, coffee mugs, cooking utensils and more.









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On the Hook used with wire shelving in the kitchen


Create a beverage station to make your mornings easier.  With On the Hook™ you can have all the fixings for your favorite beverage all in one place and your bananas too.




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beverage station with on the hook

On the Hook™ adds customizable storage in the laundry room.

Keep floors free of clutter by hanging dry cleaning bags, re-usable shopping bags, brooms, mops, dusters and more. The hooks can be rotated in any direction to store items efficiently.

Perfect for rentals, they won't damage the walls and you can take the hooks with you.

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image of laundry room storage using On the Hook


Set On the Hook™ down through the bottom of a wire basket for added storage space. Use outdoors, in the garage, in the mud room, kid's playroom, closets, pantry and more.

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use On the Hook in a wire basket for storage underneath






A wire shelf unit placed over a heater vent is perfect for drying outdoor winter gear. Hang bags, coats, scarves from the top shelf using On the Hook™ and line the bottom shelves with gloves boots and shoes.







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On the Hook being used in a wire shelf unite to hang winter coats, scarves, bags and shelves of boots, shoes and gloves to dry


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